Game Jam


You play the role of the famous pizza chef Mario. Complete the orders you receive and make the perfect pizza. Made for Create Jam Fall – 2017, where the theme was “Above”. It won the award for best original art.


Watch escapment

A little interactive WebGL simulation of how a common watch escapement works. I thought it might be easier to understand the basic mechanics of such a system when you can interact, disable, and adjust the parameters of the escapement.

Game Jam


Eat yourself to space in this virtual game show. Made during the two days of Create Jam 2016, where the theme was “Growth”. It won the voyager award for most ‘out there’ game. The game has also been mentioned by both Rock Paper Shotgun, and a few dozen Youtubers.


Space Bears

A fast-paced bear removal game. Control Earl the animal control worker as he travels across space to get rid of bear infestations in the space stations of his clients. Even comes with an online-connected level editor so you can create or download custom levels. This was the final production while working with DADIU. The ride […]


Building a Light Field HMD

Based on the 2013 Nvidia paper on near eye light-field displays by Lanman et al. We tried to build a similar type of prototype light field display to explore various avenues with regards to near-eye applications. We don’t exactly reach any useful conclusions in part thanks to technical difficulties with proper lens alignment, but building […]



A small project inspired by the intro segment of the first book in the Otherland series. Even though you move through a warzone, this is pretty much a walking simulator, so no shootybang FPS stuff here. First time working with a sorta more realistic artstyle.

Game Jam

Mildly Retarded Unicorn (from hell)

Made during the two days of Createjam2015, where the randomly generated theme ended up as “Satan’s Unicorn Hero”. Work together as one unit to get your hellish unicorn to the end. Be warned: Only the first person (body part) to pass the finish line wins! You can probably play it alone if you really want […]



Råwkass is an arcade machine and game developed as a semester project at Medialogy. The machine was featured at Roskilde Festival 2013 thanks to a successful collaboration with both Medialogy in Copenhagen and Roskilde Festival.

Game Jam


In BumperCatz, 5 players (on the same keyboard!) try to drive each other over with bumper ca(r)ts. Cat sounds included!   Made in 4 hours for a very very short game jam at Aalborg Game Dev Network.



A foray into making a simple stand-alone video game console / electronic board game. The system was intended as a platform that could host multiple games, but only one game was developed to completion. Every square on each board is a button with full RGB LED integrated into it. The main game is a cooperative […]