In BumperCatz, 5 players (on the same keyboard!) try to drive each other over with bumper ca(r)ts. Cat sounds included!


Made in 4 hours for a very very short game jam at Aalborg Game Dev Network.


When a cart bumps into another cart with enough speed, the other player is ejected out of his cart, and must hurry back into it before getting driven over. Its entirely possible to steal another player’s cart, if it is empty. In the end, the last man standing wins it all.

Try the prototype here. Needs a keyboard that allows a lot of keys to be pressed at the same time to play 5 players.


2 thoughts on “BumperCatz

  1. Its a game in itself to find out how you play it 😀
    (spoiler alert!)

    red: 1,2
    blue: 5,6
    purple: 9,0
    cyan: n,m
    yellow: z,x


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