Damp Damp Revolution Pro

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Have you always wanted to be a driver in a racing game?

Then this game is not for you!

In this title you act as the co-pilot, giving instructions to the driver, Samir. But Samir is not very smart and needs to prepare himself to react to your directions, so the further in the future you can give them, the more attention can Samir dedicate to it!


  • Mouse-controlled
  • New take on a racing game 
  • Original music and sound effects!
  • Some original models and some third-party models

How to play:

  • Choose a section on the timeline where you want to place the direction
  • Then select the direction you would like to place
  • Samir will react in to your instructions depending on where you place them
  • The further away on the timeline you place your direction, the more points you gain!


  • Andreas Thomsen - Programming
  • Balázs Koltai - Programming
  • Jon Aschberg - Programming
  • Katerina Kourkova - Music
  • Ronny Vangsted - 3D Modeling, Programming 
  • Steffan Christensen - SFX, Level design