Mildly Retarded Unicorn (from hell)

Made during the two days of Createjam2015, where the randomly generated theme ended up as "Satan's Unicorn Hero".

Work together as one unit to get your hellish unicorn to the end.

Be warned: Only the first person (body part) to pass the finish line wins!

You can probably play it alone if you really want to.


Controls - PLAYER 1:

Right analogue stick: Control unicorn front legs.

Right trigger: Headbang.

Controls - PLAYER 2:

Left analogue stick: Control unicorn hind legs.

Left trigger: Butt jiggle.


Made together with these folks:

Kostas Monastiridis Martin Lyngaa Durhuus Jákup Klein Hamun Munikiki Margarita Kaljuvee


Download link: