Playercontrolled sticky blobs gain mutations on contact with plants. You'll never know if your new mutation will grow into a monstrous maw or a fancy top hat!

[Very unfinished]

The idea for this game, made at Nordic Game Jam 2013, was to have to eyeball-covered monsters duke it out in small arenas. Each eye could be replaced with an activated ability when that eye touched a power-up. The characters, which stick to all surfaces, can rotate either forwards or backwards, and control each eye with one of the four right-side buttons on a controller. The hard part for the players is making sure that you're using the correct eye-power when you've been rotating around all over the place to dodge or get over to the other player.

Made together with Mathias Klitgaard Bertelsen, Anastasios Chouliaropoulos, and Meletis Stathis.

Try it here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/87/