Somewhat Impressive Vikings

Somewhat Impressive Vikings is all about being a viking general, with many troops at your disposal, which you drag with you into glorious battle to impress the gods.


Developed at Indie9000 game jam in 2012. This 2 day jam resulted in this 2-player viking arena game. This was also my first foray into working with the Unity3d engine and C#.

Each player starts out with a lot of small foot soldiers, called "meeklings", and must drag these soldiers into battle with the other viking general's men while losing as few of his own as possible.

When a meekling comes into contact with an enemy meekling, it will start to attack him, so the best course of action is usually to try and surround few enemy meeklings with as many of your own as possible, to inflict large amount of damage on those few, instead of spreading it out over a bigger part of his army.

The generals cannot directly hurt each other, but can only hit the meeklings, both his own and his opponent's.

A demo of the prototype can be played here:

  Mathias Utne Kærholm Svendsen
  Mathias Klitgaard Bertelsen
  Philip Hundevad Nymann
  Philip Hundevad Nymann
  Jon Aschberg
  Benjamin Nicholas Overgaard