Swingers Club

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1896, LONDON

Ever since you were a wee child you've wanted to incarnate true power, to become an example of peak human performance. To be a strongman. 

However, your journey has not been easy. Through years of isolation and training, there has been no room for friendship. As you are taking your daily walk through the fair you spot a fellow strongman. He signals you to follow him, his eyes are glimmering with determination.

A new event is attracting a big crowd, at the top of the tent you read the board, "Swingers Club". Instead of traditional individual displays of physical prowess, the goal is to cooperate with a partner and demonstrate the power of friendship.

Hammer down the nail while maintaining the plank level.

Recieved the honorable mention: original take on the theme [level up a game mechanic] at the Create Jam Fall 2018.


Sharing is caring, both players use the same controller/keyboard. Hold down the left or right trigger to power up your swing and hammer down the nail.

Left Strongman: Left Trigger / Left Mouse Button / 'A' key / Left Arrow Key 
Right Strongman: Right Trigger / Right Mouse Button / 'D' key / Right Arrow Key