Top Gum

In this online connected hole punching game, each player first poses their tooth fairy warrior and creates holes for other people to play, and gets to play another player's hole.

Play it here!


- Top Gum Academy, 2400 hours - 

Diving into the mouths of unsuspecting children is no small feat. That's why you're preparing for your future missions. 

Alas, mouth breathers are your worst enemy. Many Tooth Fairies have been swallowed over millennia trying to reach the prize under the pillow. 

Only one way to prepare for that. Fling yourself from the back of the mouth at high velocity and match the hole in the front teeth!


Tooth Fairies are hardened warriors, equipped with a great skillset for dire situations like these. 

Bullet Time: Time will freeze five times, allowing you to reposition each limb and rotate your body to match the hole.

Crouching Fairy, Flexible Body: Each bullet time will allow you to reposition one of your limbs or rotate your body. Use the short time allocated wisely to match the hole and escape.

  • Launch yourself with: A or Spacebar
  • Rotate body and move limbs with left joystick or WASD / Arrow Keys

Share your holes: Train your fairies-in-arms for their missions. Crash through a set of perfect teeth and upload your hole for other users to play!