Web Pageant

Your new favorite social drawing game is here! 

Web Pageant is a collaborative drawing game, like the one you played in your childhood! Have fun with your friends online and create unspeakable things.

This online connected drawing game has you building a character together based on certain keywords. When the timer is up, everyone gets to admire their final creation!

Play it here!


In this game, your destiny is to create an ultimate intergalactic beauty pageant contestant. The pageant features many other lifeforms competing! Collaborate with other people, draw bodies, and win the contest!

To win the contest, you of course need to draw according to the theme. Be it fluffy or spaghetti, your body part should adhere, to create the  ultimate contestant.

How to play

  1. Click on our game file and run it in the browser
  2. Click Play
  3. Draw a body part! Keep an eye on: 
    1. the theme
    2. the body part you're supposed to draw (top, middle or bottom); you can tell by the connecting lines
    3. the connecting lines - you need to connect your drawing to them, so that the final form is properly connected
    4. the timer - indicates when a round ends
  4. Wait until the end of the round
  5. See your collaborative life form!


  • Jon Aschberg
  • Ronny Vangsted
  • Katerina Kourkova